Tesla’s Master Plan To Save Humanity


Tesla is only one of two American companies that have not gone bankrupt in the last two decade. It is also the only electric car company that has succeeded in creating a successful business against all odds, one which most people believed that could not be done.
This is why when Elon Musk says something, the world takes notice.
The last master plan that Tesla put on its website is nearing completion. It involved making one expensive sports car to fund the production of a less expensive sedan and eventually use that money to fund the creation of an even more affordable sedan and to provide solar power to the people.
Technically, the Model3 is still to go into mass production and the problems facing Tesla as they struggle with an avalanche of orders is nothing to be scoffed at.
However, with the integration of SolarCity with Tesla, the first master plan is complete and Elon Musk has now outlined the next phase of Tesla’s growth.
It is even more ambitious that before and envisions the transformation of Tesla from an automobile company to a sustainable energy company with a stake in the ride-sharing economy.
The first part of the company’s plans included the development of high-quality sunroofs that would seamlessly include battery backup and make the process of going off-grid easier than it has ever been before. The synergy between SolarCity products and Tesla’s Powerwall is easy to see here.
Musk quashed hopes that Tesla would develop an even cheaper car saying that Tesla will enter the mass transportation market by developing electric semis and heavy duty trucks. They also indicated a push into mass transportation systems although no mention of HyperLoop was made in the plan.
Musk also alluded to the controversy surrounding their semi-autonomous ‘Autopilot’ software that was involved in a fatal accident a few months back. He said that it would immoral for the company to not deploy a program which statistically improves the safety record of cars on the roads and made it clear that the company would not roll back the software.
The development of an autonomous driving system was next on the list of plans, something which Elon Musk said would continue to be in ‘Beta’ until the program became ten times safer than the American road safety average.
The last bit of the Master Plan is the creation of a self-driving ride-sharing service that has the potential to earn Tesla owners money when they are not using the car and eventually change the concept of car ownership as we know it.
These plans are ambitious and if anyone other than Musk would have penned them, the world would have scoffed. This, though, is a man that plans to put a man on mars in the next four years.

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