The Connected Toothbrush Is Here Whether You Wanted It Or Not


The IoT is growing at an unbelievable rate and analysts predict that close to 25 billion of these connected devices will be a part of our lives in the next 4 years. These devices will be smart and talk to each other to ensure that a complex yet seamless flow of information keeps us ticking along more efficiently than ever before.

Of course, it is safe to assume that some of these devices will be more essential to our lives than others. Smart connected toothbrushes which cost a few hundred dollars may not fall into that category.

Phillips has just announced the latest and greatest in the world oral care with its connected toothbrush that is fitted with a gyroscope, pressure sensors, and other sensors to track every last detail about your brushing habits.

The head of the brush is replaceable just like any other electric toothbrush as well.

The idea is to actually have concrete information collected about brushing instead of just the approximate time for which you brushed. It is an interesting concept no doubt because it will allow the users to know when they are brushing ‘too hard’ or for not long enough or even when they need to change their bristles.

The feedback will be provided to the users through a smartphone app that will [pair with their toothbrush and relay real-time information. A digital chart of your teeth will keep lighting up as you brush indicating different forms of feedback. A pearly white color means that it is time to move onto the next tooth while a purple color indicates that the pressure being applied is too much.

Phillips is not the only big player looking to serve up the next big thing in oral care as Oral B also promises to have a smart toothbrush in the market soon. They currently have a connected toothbrush that is geared towards children and motivating them to brush more often.

There are some other start-ups as well that are looking to innovate and turn the often mundane task of brushing into a game of sorts. Grush is one such company that engages the children by making brushing a game and allowing the parents to track how efficiently their children brushed.

The idea that these brushes will help prevent dental problems from occurring is still uncertain as an endorsement from the dental community is conspicuous by its absence however on the face of it at least these brushes should help improve the efficiency of your brushing.

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