The Dell XPS 15 Review: Bigger And Faster

dell-xps-15The PC market is struggling and Windows 10 is still very much a work in progress. A lot of dedicated users have been burned by Windows 8 so badly that they simply up and left the platform and it will take a huge effort for users to really want Windows again.

Laptops like the Dell XPS 15 will certainly help, though. This laptop is the larger screen sibling to last year’s fantastic XPS 13. That laptop was rightly hailed as the best Windows laptop to be released and so it is not too difficult to see why Dell would stick with much the same this time around as well.

The XPS 15 is almost an exact replica of the XPS 13, just a little bigger. Thanks to the fantastic virtually bezel-less display on this laptop, Dell has managed to fit in the 15.6-inch screen into something much smaller than what people expect. While there is no getting away from the fact that people who are moving up from a 13-inch laptop will notice the extra heft, this machine is not clunky or unmanageable by any stretch of imagination.

The XPS 15 has the same Aluminum finish as the XPS 13 and is quite sleek to look at. There is nothing weird or gimmicky about the laptop, it just opens and closes like a conventional laptop, and frankly, that is quite a refreshing change. The sturdy build of the laptop promises to last for a long time without major issues.

Dell is positioning this machine as the power option to its users and it certainly has the specs to back it up. A top of the line machine comes with a 4K resolution touchscreen display, an Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM. This is more than enough to run graphic intensive application smoothly, play the latest games at a decent frame rate and do some heavy duty video editing.

Of course, the price goes up to an eye-watering $2299.99, however, power users will not be disappointed. For casual users who are just looking for a good looking laptop with a bigger screen, the entry point is a much more affordable $999. In our opinion, a model somewhere in between will cover most people’s needs.

Dell has included all the ports that a person could ever want on a laptop including an HDMI port, a couple of USB ports and even a USB-C port. This basically future proofs the laptop since a lot of the upcoming accessories, hard drives and smartphones will come with a USB-C as the most optimal way of using it.

The battery on the laptop is nothing out of the ordinary, although it does rank towards the higher end of ‘powerful’ laptops. Users can expect to get 4-5 hours of heavy usage, although it is possible to squeeze out a little more time by keeping the brightness of the screen at a dimmer level.

Final Verdict

It is becoming easier and easier to recommend Dell XPS range as the best Windows laptops in the market. The XPS 15 is a worthy successor to the XPS 13 and an excellent option for someone who wants some serious computing power on the go.

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