The Erstwhile King Of Smartphone Design Has Released A Terrible Phone

The HTC U Ultra shows that HTC has lost all direction and is basically throwing stuff at the wall hoping it sticks. The 750$ Snapdragon 821 toting phone ticks most of the boxes but is not outstanding in any one area. Its price also makes it a nonstarter for most of the people since they have the iPhone and Google Pixel in that same price range.

We feel a little bad for HTC as the company produced some of the best-designed smartphones in the market that got rave reviews but did not sell too well. It has no apparently decided to follow Samsung’s design approach to some extent, mixed in with cues from the iPhone and hope they have enough that consumers like.

HTC stood out because of its unibody design, front facing boom sound speakers (easily best in class) and clean lines. All of these have been abandoned in an apparent new direction the company has decided to take.

The design of the U Ultra is appalling by HTC standards. They have opted for glossy colors that are fingerprint magnets and included a monstrous chin that is being abandoned by every other device manufacturer.

HTC also has to realize that it can no longer command a premium for its phones and expect to sell them in any large quantity. Even if it does decide to compete on price, HTC will find that the competition does not get any easier since companies like Xiaomi and One Plus have moved the marketplace to a completely different level altogether.

HTC has had traditionally poor cameras and the one on the HTC U Ultra is no different, the battery included in the phone is 3000mAh which is tiny when you take in the massive size of the phone overall.

It is almost as if someone at HTC decided to do the opposite of everything the company has been doing up until now. If HTC was thinking that this ‘flagship’ phone was going to lead it into a fruitful 2017 then they are sorely mistaken. We hope that the company has something better lined up.

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