The IoT Needs Fixing Before It Can Really Take Off

IoTThe IoT is coming. That is what we have heard repeatedly and incessantly over the last few years. All research firms have pegged IoT to grow and have more wireless connection between each other than all of the mobile phone connection currently existing in the world.

It is a staggering number and this change has already started to take place at the enterprise level. What is then stopping IoT from taking off in a big way at the consumer level?

Smart Gadgets Are Not Convenient Yet

One of the biggest selling points for IoT is how it will make things magically convenient for you. In isolation, it is true. After all, having the ability to open an app and adjust your thermostat or music or even the lights is extremely convenient.

The problem comes when these gadgets and apps start adding up to form a smart home. Picture this. A person walks into the house, uses an app to unlock his smart lock. Then goes inside, opens yet another app to switch on the lights, switches apps to adjust the air conditioning, needs another app for the lights, yet another one for the coffee machine and so on.

This is not convenient. It also adds a layer of complexity that makes operation difficult for people who are not absolutely comfortable with smartphone technology. Think of your parents or grandparents who have just mastered instant messaging and downloading apps.

No Standards Exist in the IoT

There is a war going on among technology companies to gain an entry into your house. You might choose a different company to provide different gadgets and that is fine. Unfortunately, though, there is no guarantee that your smart devices will actually talk to each other.

For a truly smart home to emerging, it is essential that all the smart devices be able to talk seamlessly to each other and exchange information so that more tasks can get automated. This is something that companies realize, however, instead of coming together and trying to agree on standards, each company is trying to push its own walled garden.

Amazon is the only one that has opened up its AI program Alexa to the largest number of third party developers.

Security Needs To Improve

When you let so many new gadgets talk to your wireless network and exchange information, you must be able to trust in its security. Unfortunately, hackers all over the world are licking their fingers in anticipation of millions and millions of unsecured devices just ripe for the taking coming online in the next few years.

Basic things like encryption of data and changing default passwords are also not something that can be taken for granted. People are simply afraid of being taken advantage off because they do not understand the nitty-gritty of network protocols.

All of these problems are easily fixed and it is hoped that companies will figure things out sooner rather than later. The IoT is coming, there is no doubt about that. It would arrive a lot sooner though if the biggest gadget makers could get together and bring some standardization to the table.

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