The Most Popular Nintendo Console Right Now Is The NES Classic Edition

For some of us, gaming started with the ancient ones – Atari, ZX Spectrum, and Commodore computers were the starting gadgets along which many gamers entered the world of video games. For us that aren’t that old, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was the holy grail of gaming. NES was (and still sorta is) a legendary console. Super Mario game along with other classics was made us who we are today, hardcore gamers who love playing games on a plethora of devices. But, back in the day, NES was the king of gaming.

Nintendo, back in those days, was the most successful console maker of them all, with millions of kids playing the NES and Super NES for years and years. The Japanese company played on nostalgia when announced that the NES Classic Edition will hit store shelves this fall. And nostalgia made the sales numbers to skyrocket just a couple of weeks after the release of the NES Classic Edition. The $60 classic console managed to sell in around 196,000 units since its launch on November 11, according to NPD Group. Further, the console (branded as Mini Famicom in Japan) sold in whooping 261,000 units in the Japanese market.

The situation lead to a shortage in supply, with many stores being left out of the NES Classic Edition just a few weeks after sales start. For comparison, the Wii U managed to sell in just 220,000 units in the US from April through September, showing that the old console returning from the 80’s is way more popular than the current-gen console. Okay, the Switch is just around the corner, with Nintendo announcing it will stop manufacturing Wii U along with stopping development of the future Wii U games, but the NES Classic Edition sales numbers are still incredible.

With the shortage in supply, the console started popping out on eBay, where the price goes up to around $150, almost three times the original price.

The console comes with a nice selection of preinstalled games, it has a quality emulation (way better than Virtual Console on the Wii U), and is very easy to set up. The problem is that controllers have a very, very short cable (just around 70 cm). Maybe Nintendo wanted for us to go back into childhood while sitting in front of the TV while playing games, but that’s a bit harder to do today with huge sized flat screens of today.

This is a nice turn of events for Nintendo, making gamers interested in Nintendo during the period between perishing of the Wii U and release of the Nintendo Switch. Talking about Switch, Nintendo should share new details about the console during the event taking place in Tokyo on January 12. The console should come out during March 2017. It will be something completely new, closing the gap between portable and classic “play from your chair” gaming. If all goes according to plan, Nintendo may have a future best-seller on its hands.

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