The One Plus 3 Review (Hint: It’s Amazing)

oneplus3One Plus is releasing its flagship phone for this year, called the One Plus 3 and there are a lot of things different from years past. The first thing that fans and general observers of the company will notice that there is no invite system to get around. Anyone can simply log on to the internet and order one directly from One Plus.

After the spectacularly botched launch of last year, this was a welcome surprise and a sign that the company is maturing.

The other big difference was that there was no out of the world claim being made about the phone or how it would be the flagship killer to end all flagship killers. The One Plus 2 promised a lot but eventually failed to live up them and earned a lot of bad press.

This time around, the company is depending upon the strength of its offering to speak for itself. It seems to be a pretty good idea too as the One Plus 3 is fantastic.

After years of hearing claims from a number of different companies that promise flagship specs and experience at a budget price, the One Plus 3 might have finally cracked the code for real. The company has gone back to its roots and recognized that its ardent fan base is one which wants top of the line specs.

The One Plus 3 packs the latest Snapdragon 820 chip, a 5.5 inch 1080 AMOLED display, 3000mAH battery, NFC, fast charging (called as dash charging here), a stellar camera and 6GB of RAM. Let that sink in for a minute because it’s more than what Samsung, LG or any other company offers right now.

A blazing fast chip paired with dollops of RAM and an android skin that sticks as close to custom as possible means that the phone absolutely screams. There is no lag whatsoever irrespective of how many apps you have open or what game you are playing.

The fingerprint sensor on the front is blazing fast as well and could well be the fastest implementation on the market along with Apple’s iPhone 6S. It’s a small thing that makes using the phone a pleasure.

The hardware design of the phone is high quality albeit uninspiring. There is nothing that has not been done before by other companies and a close look will show that a lot of design cues were taken from HTC and Apple.

A complete unibody aluminum design, a slimmer profile and nicely rounded edges to make holding the phone a pleasure though are not negatives. Taken in conjunction at the price point it is available at, the One Plus 3 is one of the nicest phones on the market.

A distinguishing feature of the true flagships and pretenders is the camera module. One Plus does really well here by putting in 16-megapixel, f/2.0 aperture, OIS unit capable of 4K video recording. It handles good light conditions brilliantly and is respectable in low light conditions as well.

There are slightly better camera units on the market like the Galaxy S7 edge but there is no one who will regret buying the One Plus 3 for its camera performance.

Compared to any other phone on the market at any price point, the One Plus 3 holds its own. This product shows that the company has focused hard on putting together the best possible hardware package for its users leaving out only luxuries like water resistance and curved displays.

The management has also reiterated commitment to software updates at a much faster pace than before. At $399 unlocked, this phone could be the Android Flagship for the masses.



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