The Playstation 4.5 Is a Sign Of Things To Come


Sony is coming out with an upgraded version of its PS4, called by some as the Playstation Neo or the Playstation 4.5. The promise appears to be simple. The best Playstation you can buy is no longer a Playstation 4 but this powerful one.

This move by Sony has caught a lot of people off guard. Gaming consoles are not supposed to  have such short hardware cycles. Gamers have been used to making an investment in console hardware secure that it will remain cutting edge for close to decade in most cases.

With Sony deciding to upgrade the PS4 midcycle, all of those gamers are essentially playing on hardware that is second rate. Critics say that this move has the potential to alienate its core fanbase and come across as a money hungry corporation that wants another $500 (or whatever) out of your pocket.

We disagree. In fact, in our view, what Sony is doing is revolutionary, will not antagonize fans and will only extend their lead over the Xbox One.

Shorter Life Cycle means Cutting Edge Consoles   

There is a reason that real hardcore gamers prefer Gaming PC’s. Those rigs are much more powerful gaming machines than consoles ever will be and a part of the reason is that they are upgradeable. The draw of the consoles has always been that they are simple for the consumers, You buy a PS4, stick in a PS4 disc and it will run. That’s all.

There is no figuring out the ideal frame-rates or screen resolution or gaming chips or graphics card or anything else. People buying consoles know that a shorter hardware cycles will ensure that they are always with the curve and not behind it for most of the decade.

Gaming Companies Have More Incentive to Develop for the Playstation

The Playstation has plenty of exclusives and a fantastic gaming library already. Allowing game makers to really utilize every bit of additional power in their consoles will serve as a huge incentive to come and develop on their platform.

It’s a win-win. Gaming companies know that their games will run best on the Playstation and so they will develop for it, gamers know that they will get the best experience and Sony knows the gulf between the Xbox and itself will only continue to grow.

Last Generation Gamers Will not be Left behind

The biggest concern that Playstation owners have is whether they will be forced to continue buying a console every couple of years to stay in the loop. Sony looks to have addressed that ensuring game makers have to ensure that all new games must run on both the 4.5 and 4. Hopefully, this should continue in the future as well as further hardware changes are made.

We don’t think that Sony will shoot itself in the foot by having Playstation 4.5 exclusives right now. Maybe another hardware update down the line but definitely not right now.

It’s Just Another Option

Every time you set out to buy a console or for that matter anything really, there is the base model and other iterations above that. You make that decision based on need, price, and plenty of other factors. If you decide that you must have the latest graphics and are willing to pay a couple of hundred bucks more than the base model, fine. If not, fine as well.

Sony will add a high margin option to its lineup, but it is up to you to decide if it is worth it. That is not a problem. It is not like Sony has pulled lower versions of its Playstation lineup, stopped development of their games or anything like it.

All things remain the same, just that there is a more powerful option at the top.

Get Used to it

The pace of hardware development coupled with plenty of other companies having successfully adopted a frequent upgrade policy meant that this change was inevitable. Console cycles will probably never go back to being 10-11 years long.




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