The Race For AI Domination Is Heating Up


AI is all set to go mainstream as every major tech company in the world is racing to build AI capabilities into its products as well as change the very way in which companies function. It is only this week that Google announces Fei-Fei Li would be joining their company and be heading the ‘Cloud Machine Learning Group’.

There is a reason that Google was very vocal and public about this announcement. Fei-Fei Li is one of the most well-known names in AI research. She heads the Stanford department of Artificial Intelligence and Vision and was responsible for driving the work behind ImageNet, a project that taught AI to ‘see’ and recognize different images.

This technology is now being leveraged in all major image sharing platforms and most people now just take it for granted. Google is hoping that her work will help it make up some of the lost ground in offering Cloud Services to enterprise clients.

This is an area where Microsoft and Amazon have taken a significant lead and are in fact now seeing their cloud services become one of the main drivers of growth in the company. Those companies are also not sitting on their laurels and have formed dedicated groups to spearhead AI research.

Microsoft has committed to opening up its GPU farms to the OpenAI foundation which was founded by Elon Musk and the president of Y combinator, Sam Altman. This is massive news and puts an unprecedented amount of processing power into the hands of developers.

There is literally no telling what they will be to achieve or the speed at which they will be able to achieve it.

All of these companies are also pivoting and rearranging their work environment so that their product designers are in close contact with the AI researchers and are able to put out products faster than ever before.

Facebook and Microsoft were among the first companies to offer messaging platforms as home to ‘chatbots’. These AI-powered natural interface applications have not quite caught on in the way that both companies imagined, however, the fact is that no one currently knows what is the killer AI product.

Everyone is throwing something new at the wall and hoping that something will stick.

Facebook has implemented machine learning and AI into the development and testing of its new features for the variety of social media properties it owns. In fact, an estimate by the company says that 20% of its workforce is already using AI to help develop and test product features before they are rolled out.

Working with AI is very different than simply coding as the developers themselves are not sure of what the AI will find. It is often referred to as an art form which requires some amount of lateral thinking by the researchers.

Companies are also finding that people trained in working with AI are hard to come by and are training people on premises as well as paying ridiculous sums of money to people with experience.

The technology world has recognized that AI is set to be the next big thing now that mobility and smartphone penetration is close to saturation (in the developed nations at least) and that means as ardent tech watchers, we are set to witness an unprecedented wave of innovation.

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