The Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Come With A Fantastic Bezel-Less Display


It is a testament to our endless lust for technology that we are already looking forward to and speculating about the superphones to be released next year. The most awaited phones every year have always been the next versions of the Samsung Galaxy S series and the iPhone.

Both these phones are reportedly adopting a bezel-less design that will increase the screen size without greatly increasing the physical size of the phone. It is a trend that is almost certain to dominate the devices of next year and we have already started to see production phones make that leap this year itself.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix being released in limited numbers has a screen to body ratio of 91.3%, which is absolutely off the charts and makes the phone very unique to look and hold. The rumors about the Galaxy S8 are claiming that Samsung too will be around that number as it looks to pull out all the stops and reclaim some of its tarnished reputation.

For tech watchers like us, how Samsung admits to its failure with the Galaxy Note, attempts to move on and then wow its audience again with the S8 is going to be very intriguing.

Here are some of the specs that are being thrown about in relation to the Galaxy S8: a bezel-less display, 4K resolution, dual cameras, dual edge-display design and a dedicated ARM-graphics chip ostensibly to drive the VR experience even further.

There are also plenty of rumors that Samsung is going to push the release of its latest flagship up by a few months so as to combat the loss of sales it has been facing due to the Note recall.

Samsung is the only real competitor that Apple has in the premium smartphone space and even though the newly released Google Pixel is getting some rave reviews, it is still too young to be considered as a viable counterbalance to Apple. This is why it is extremely important for consumers and the smartphone industry as a whole that Samsung steps ups its game and get back on the path that made it the behemoth it is right now.

We are going to be rooting for them for sure.


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