The Top 3 Must Buy Occulus Games


The Oculus Rift has started showing up on people’s doorsteps and we are officially in the era of VR. Most first generation devices have some kinks and limitations that come with them and the same is the case with the Oculus, however, the exhilarating experience of experiencing VR is going to be well worth the early adopter drawbacks.

Speaking of experiences, it is going to be the games that deliver the best VR experiences as of now. The Oculus Rift has launched with a solid catalog of 30 games. Here are the best three games among those that will absolutely enthrall you.

Eve: Valkyrie

Ariel dogfights between ridiculously souped-up planes sound like fun on any video game platform, but it is something entirely new in VR. The feeling of depth, distance and the ability to look around to see where your opponents are coming from making this by far the best VR experience available right now.

The idea of performing some hair-raising maneuvers in a pretty immersive environment may seem like a recipe for motion sickness, but that was never an issue.

The game has excellent controls making gameplay very intuitive and fun. There is also some terrific online play options and the possibilities to keep earning in-game bonuses. If you only buy one Oculus Rift game, let it be this one.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This game has been available on other platforms and is incredibly fun to play. It also does not gain any new gameplay options for Virtual Reality. The only major difference is that the bomb ticking in front of you is right there!

So why is it so much fun in VR?

Playing this game in VR added a whole new level of excitement and tension that seemed to be missing earlier. The one drawback of VR, complete isolation from your friends, turns into the biggest strength of this game. There is no one to help guide you or tell you what to do because no one can see what you can see.

It also helps that other players waiting for their turn do not have to worry about spoilers from looking at your game.

Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR edition

A tower defense game in VR? Seems a bit unnecessary and excessive at first but is completely justified that moment you feel like God looking down on puny beings from above the battlefield! Once again, it is not that the game is any different or mechanics very different, but having this new perspective helps make the experience a lot richer.

Oh, and for people who want to experience things at scale? There is an option to shrink down as well.


There are other solid games available for the platform as well, but we have no doubt in recommending these three for anyone who wants to experience the thrill of Virtual Reality.

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