This Is What The iPhone 8 Will Be Like.


The dust has barely settled on a new iPhone launch and people are already talking about the next iPhone. We generally believe that this sort of talk is a little premature at this point, however, this year we believe that some important clues exist which allow us to make some educated guesses about the iPhone 8.

No ‘S’

Yes! That is the first thing. We do not believe that we will see an ‘S’ version being released next year for two main reasons. The first is that even Apple will have a hard time selling the same design it has been using for three years now to its audience and the second is that Apple celebrates its tenth anniversary of selling the iPhone next year.

It is a momentous year and Apple will definitely come up with something worthy of a nomenclature jump.

Wireless Everything

Now that Apple has committed to a wireless future by removing the headphone jack, the next logical step is to introduce wireless charging. It is something that the other smartphones have already been doing and Apple too has used the method to charge the Apple Watch.

Oh and for all those people hoping for a comeback of the headphone jack in the next version of the iPhone? It will never happen. Bluetooth 5 is expected to launch in the near future ad it will help bring Apple’s vision about seamless wireless integration to reality.

Better start taking good care of those Bluetooth headphones because they are going to be around for a long time now.

Bye Bye Home Button

There were a few stories that broke before the iPhone 7 launch about how the next version of Apple was going to be a minimal bezel, edge to edge screen stunner. We think that is true and for that to happen the home button must go.

To be honest, it is all but gone in the iPhone 7 as well. The taptic engine that Apple is proud of can easily fit behind the screen and the whole lower portion of the screen can act as a ‘home button’. There will be the loss of a visual cue as to what side the phone is the right way up however we are sure that Apple will think of something for that as well.

Also, remember that Apple did pretty much the same thing with its trackpads by first removing the button and then adding a taptic engine underneath the trackpad to simulate the ‘feel’ of pressing a button.

Bigger Screen, Same Size

The success of the iPhone 7 plus has shown that consumers want more screen on their phones than ever before. What if Apple could provide this to them without actually increasing the physical size of their phones? Or maybe just barely increasing the size of their phones?

Once again, the removal of the home button will allow them to sacrifice the big chin that has existed in iPhones from the beginning and finally catch up to other manufacturers that are able to make smaller phones of same screen size.


These are just a few of the things that we feel are a sure shot inclusion in the iPhone 8 but there are bound to be others as well. Let us know if you feel that the tea leaves are screaming something else out as well.


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