Twitter Killed Off Vine Because It Had No Idea What To Do With It


It’s a sad day for the internet because Twitter has announced the Vine is going to be shuttered in the next few months. The six-second looping videos unleashed a wave of creativity and memes that will live on long after vine has been forgotten. The short video format also influenced many services like Snapchat, Instagram video and others that followed.

The question though is what went wrong with Vine that it had to be shut down? After all, it had the most number of users as compared to other video services and was home to some of the most popular internet creators in the world.

The main problem it seems was of leadership, or rather the lack of it as Vine was unable to keep pace with other services adding newer features and poaching their biggest stars. Twitter, which owns Vine is also going through a financial crunch and is unable to show the kind of growth that Wall Street expects of it. In this situation, it was unlikely that Twitter could keep on another service that was struggling to bring in revenue.

The creators of Vine sold their company to Twitter within six months after its inception for $30 million and it looks like they will be the only ones that made any real money from it. Some of the creators too were making good money but since Vine did not have a policy of taking a cut of that money, it did not make any difference to their bottom line.

It is sad that a company that had such recognition in popular culture, engagement with the most sought after demographic of them all and a healthy amount of brand engagement could not make a business out of it. The executives at Twitter will have to take a lot of the flack for this as they messed up a golden opportunity to really differentiate themselves from other services and be the short form YouTube of social media.

Twitter apparently tried hard to sell the company to interested buyers but could not land a deal. Again, this is because the biggest competitors to Twitter who might be interested already have similar functionality baked into their platforms now.

Twitter killed of Vine in order to save itself only it is not clear if they have a real plan for that either.

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