uBeam Just Blew Our Minds With Its Technology Demonstration

It is not often that we get a technology demo that seems truly magical anymore. Maybe it’s just cynicism from covering technology all the time or being wary of claims that sound to be good to be true from companies like Theranos or just the fact that true technological leaps are rare.

This is exactly what uBeam was promising and to our delight, exactly what they delivered.

The company promised to showcase true wireless charging in a ‘closed demo’, an odd choice then to invite technology journalists from leading publications. This is not wireless charging as we are used to seeing. The current technology involves the use of magnetic resonance to charge a compatible device in close proximity.

There are no wires that touch your phone but users are still limited to the location of their wireless charger. In fact, they cannot even use their phone while it is being wirelessly charged like they can with the traditional method.

What uBeam demonstrated was a proof of concept that ultrasonic waves could be used to wirelessly charge devices over considerably larger distances. The device that they demoed was the size of a large shoe box and when switched on proceeded to charge a device pretty far away from it.

This is not a device that is going to be released to the public anytime soon and the design needs to be refined a lot more. Eventually, the company wants to create a charging device that can be kept in a corner of the house and charge all the electrical devices wirelessly within it.

It’s like WiFi charging. Imagine charging your smartphone, watch, smart devices throughout the house, or any other wearable that you can think of at the same time without ever having to plug them in.

That is magical and will transform the way we interact with technology once and for all.

It may take a few years getting here, but a company backed by the likes of Marc Cuban and Peter Thiel with a groundbreaking technology is set to change the face of consumer electronics. Remember the name uBeam.

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