What Google Wants To Achieve With Hardware and Who The Pixel is Really For

google-asistantGoogle has unveiled the Pixel phones and unlike the Nexus lines where it was partnering a hardware manufacturer, this is the first real ‘Google Phone’. It does not have any other manufacturer branding or even carrier branding and is going to be sold as a legitimate competitor to other premium phones in the market.

It is easy to see why Google would make such a push into the market right now. CEO Sundar Pichai said that the company believes the tech landscape is shifting from mobility to AI and that is what the entire Google event was actually all about.

All the hardware that Google showed off from the Pixel phones, the funky Wifi routers, and Google Home were all just vessels to get their Google Assistant into the world.

Of course, for the hardware to be actually desirable and sell, it has to be good too and make no mistake, everything that Google showed was top of the line.

The Pixel phones have been assembled from top of the line components and put together by a hardware manufacturer that rivals Apple in its attention to details. Where they lack a little though is that ‘X’ factor. The smartphone hardware game has become extremely hard to break open and most companies are doing it through price.

Some of the Chinese manufacturers like One Plus and Xiaomi have had a lot of success with that way as well. The high-end specifications and build quality are table stakes now. Of course, Google was going to reveal something with the latest chip and with a high-end screen and a camera that takes good pictures. It is hard not to make a competent phone anymore.

People expect something more from Google and this is why they are a little unhappy. People are calling the design of the Pixel boring, iPhone-like and uninspiring. None of those complaints are wrong but we are not sure that Google actually set out to make devices with hardware as the focus.

Google is betting on the software and specifically its AI to separate it from everyone else. It also does not want to depend on other manufacturers to roll out this all important feature and has thus designed a phone around it to showcase it in the best manner possible.

Other android manufacturers will no doubt get on board with the Google Assistant as well, although, Samsung has just bought itself a new digital assistant company for obviously setting up a rival of its own.

This actually makes prospective Pixel buyers a narrow breed. They are unlikely to be wowed over by the Hardware. They can get stock android in a variety of other devices as well. The people most likely to buy Pixel phones are those who are comfortable exposing each and every aspect of their lives to Google.

They should be fine with Google listening in on their messages, their emails, their location, their likes, their friends, their events, photos, milestones and everything else.

A lot of it is already happening but this really takes it to the next level. Google is betting that there are millions of people around the world that will not mind giving up all of their information to it since that is essential for the Assistant to keep getting smarter.


Are you ready to get on board?

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