What To Expect From Apple’s Event on the 21st Of March

Apple-21-March-Event-Let-Us-Loop-You-InAn Apple event is probably the most closely followed event around the tech world. This year, the company will also be under some extra scrutiny thanks to its high profile fight against the FBI which wants it to provide a backdoor into its phones.

Apple has sent out invites to leading tech journalists for an event on March 21st.

So What Can You Expect?

A new iPhone seems to be a sure bet. Rumors have been floating around the internet of a smaller device from Apple for those of its customers that find the current lineup just too big. The phone is expected to be a very similar to the iPhone 5 in appearance, even though the insides are sure to be massively updated.

The iPhone SE as it is expected to be named will probably have the same processor as the iPhone 6S and an 8-megapixel camera. 3D touch which did not quite fire up the imagination of people like Apple expected it to may not find a place in this phone.

It will be interesting to see if Apple prices this phone aggressively to take away some of the mid-range market share away from Android.

Apple’s invites have the tagline ‘Let us Loop you in’, which could be simple an on the nose reference to its address, One Infinity loop, or may mean that Apple wants to let all of us know what it has up its sleeves.

A new iPad (maybe a successor to the iPad 2) is also expected to show up. Tablet sales have been slowing and the iPad too has suffered. It will be interesting to see if Apple continues to position their devices as primarily for media consumption or maybe make a push for productivity as it did with the iPad pro.

Some of the analysts believe that Apple may be pivoting its line of tablets to convertibles to better take on the Surface and its competitors.

Minor addition to the Apple watch software and a couple of new band announcements, possible a price cut, could also be in store.

Last of all, it is expected that Tim Cook will make a reference or a statement regarding Apple’s stance, which has its critics and supporters in equal numbers.

All in all, new product launches, especially from Apple are always exciting and who knows Apple may have something completely different to blow us out of the water as well.


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