What We Know About the Nintendo NX So Far

nintendoNintendo is expected to release its NX console in March of 2017 and maybe unveil it to the public sometime this September. It is crucial that the gaming company get the launch of NX right after it managed to squander away an impressive lead built by the Wii with the Wii U.
So what do we know till now about the Nintendo NX?
The NX is designed to be a hybrid of sorts to allow powerful handheld gaming and be plugged into the television as well. It should have a large tablet-like display and detachable controllers. Nintendo wants its gamers to be able to take their games with them wherever they are and also simultaneously refresh its console and handheld lineup.
It is a strategy that they went half-heartedly with in previous iterations of the Wii U and the NX might be them giving it their all.
The graphics powering the console should be much improved than the Wii U although it is unlikely that Nintendo would push for equality with the PS4 and Xbox One on that front. NVIDIA’s powerful Tegra chip is reportedly powering the console this time around which should allow for more immersive games from Nintendo.
Interestingly, Nintendo is also tipped to go back to game cartridges as the manner in which its games will be sold. There is no word yet if any streaming service will be included, although a digital store is sure to be present.
The only first party game that has been confirmed for the NX so far has been the new Legend Of Zelda that should be available at console launch. The hardware of the NX is so radically different from the Wii U that backward compatibility is definitely going to be absent from the list of features. Some of the bigger games might get an NX port but for the large part, gamers will have to start afresh.
Our View
Nintendo is seeing a revival of sorts in popular culture as evidenced by the incredible response to Pokemon Go and the seemingly niche NES Classic. The company probably has the strongest library of original games that people cannot seem to get enough of.
For the NX to be successful it would have functioned well in both capacities, as a traditional console and a handheld. If it makes compromises on both ends then it is doomed to fail. Casual gaming, the arena which Nintendo used to rule once is now the domain of tablets and smartphones. Can Nintendo convince users to carry yet another device with them?
Nintendo might have an ace up their sleeve which they will showcase at the console launch and we sincerely hope that they do. The gaming industry needs a healthy and competitive Nintendo.

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