Wireless Headphones Are Not Ready Yet

wireless headphones

It looks more and more likely that the next version of the iPhone, iPhone 7 presumably will ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone jack and opt for something that either uses their proprietary lightning cable port or goes completely wireless.

The more we think about this move the less sense it makes to us. Yes, this is not the first time that Apple has decided a technology has outlived its purpose and moved on to the next one but in this case, the alternatives are just not good enough.

Wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones as they are called have only recently started to become passably usable. The biggest advantage that they have over regular headphones is that they free you of any wires. Working out at the gym while having your phone tucked away somewhere secure as  your headphones continue to blast your favorite tunes through Bluetooth is an excellent use case scenario for these headphones.

Unfortunately, almost everywhere else, these Bluetooth headphones get trounced. Our first gripe with them is that their battery just does not last long enough. It’s one more thing that you have to remember to charge before you head out otherwise they are just unusable.

In between your phone, your watch, your laptop/tablet or anything else, do we need another device which requires constant oversight all the time?

Then there is the issue of performance. Wireless headphones are just not at that level where they can transfer the same amount of data over Bluetooth as they can through a wired connection. The wired headphones are just better to listen to. Period.

This performance issue would again probably be something that non-audiophile users could get used to, however, Bluetooth is notoriously unstable and almost every gadget reviewer has faced issues where one of the earpieces just stops working or lose sync with each other.

This can get pretty grating after a while, especially, once the thrill of having no wires wears away. The last and most serious flaw according to us is that these earphones need to be paired with the smartphone every time you receive a phone call.

Listening to music should not require so much of work. People are used to putting in their headphones and listening to them. There are a few drawbacks with wires that get tangled among themselves or interfere in some physical activities that a person may be doing, however, the advantages far outweigh them.

Some companies like LeEco have already started to experiment with phone models that do not have a 3.5mm jack because they claim that the quality through their proprietary ports is better. That claim remains to be tested, however even if it is true, it tires the users to a limited number of headphones that will work with their phone.

We hope that Apple has something truly revolutionary in store if it is going to force users to move away from the established method of listening to music.

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