WordPress Signs Pledge Against Muslim Registry

It is a troubling sign of the times we live in and the uncertainty minorities have about their future that major technology companies are having to publicly proclaim their refusal to partake in a government-orchestrated racial profiling program.

Donald Trump has been elected to what is arguably the most important post on Earth: The position of the United States President. His campaign was based on hate, bigotry, misogyny and racial profiling.

One of the claims made during his campaign was that he would create a national registry of the Muslim’s living in the US in order to better protect the country from terrorist attacks and to counter the growth of extremism in the country.

This pretext is wrong on almost all counts, however, it found resonance with a large part of his voter base.

After Trump won the election, major technology companies are being asked by reporters about their position should such a request be made. A pledge started on GitHub has gained a lot of traction with plenty of Silicon Valley engineers signing up and saying that they would refuse to take part in such a reaction.

Now, the CEO of Automattic, the company behind WordPress, Jetpack, and other well-known software properties, has signed the pledge on behalf of all its employees. It is the first instance when a major technology company has come out and publicly made its position clear without really being pressed to do so.

Famously, companies like Facebook have either evaded the question or like BuzzFeed been forced to answer it after being called out on their silence.

What is most frustrating is that a country like the United States, which has stood for the values of democracy, equality, and freedom since the time it has gained independence is now having a serious conversation about the possibility of Muslim registries. Just the fact that such an event can be even thought to be possible in the US, a country, which has started numerous wars, imposed economic sanctions and trade embargos on countries for similar acts, means that we have lost.

The terrorists have won because they have changed the fabric of our society. There will be no need to perpetrate any ‘acts of terror’ when the civilized society will take part en masse in a troubling Nazi Germany like situation.

This pledge is a small act but one that needs to gain more attention and the support of more leaders to ensure our worst nightmares do not come true.

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