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We are accepting quality tech-related posts from guest authors. You will first need to register here and then you can write and submit an article after logging in here. Once you’ve submitted your article it will be set as a draft until it is reviewed. Posts that do not meet our strict editorial standards will be deleted, no email will be sent to advise of this.

Rules for Guest Posts

1. Your article must be be of exceptional quality. No spun or bot-generated articles will be published, your article must be grammatically perfect. We are not looking for quantity, but quality.
2. Please reread the above point. The vast majority of submitted articles will be deleted due to them not being grammatically correct. The use of applications like Grammarly might be of assistance.
3. Your article must be technology related and submitted to the most appropriate category. Promotional posts are not accepted.
4. If your article is published, we own the rights to it, you cannot post the same article elsewhere.
5. Your article should have a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 1500 words.
6. You must include at least 1 image with your article.
7. Your article must contain no more than one link to your own site and up to 2 links to references.
8. Spam submissions will result in banning of your account and IP blocking.
9. Low quality submissions may also result in removal of your account and/or IP blocking.