WWDC 2016 Is Just Around The Corner, What Should We Expect From Apple To Show Us There

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is, aside from Google’s I/O, the biggest event in the smartphone world. Yeah, there’s the new iPhone launch every year but software-wise, WWDC is the ultimate event regarding Apple. This year should be very interesting because Apple will bring iOS 10 and new versions of OS X and watchOS. There are numerous rumors circulating the web, regarding new features, new products and improvements to various Apple services. We gathered the most interesting ones in order to give you a glance of what you can expect at this year’s WWDC.


The star of the show will most likely be iOS 10. It should be the biggest iOS release since iOS 7, and it should contain some interesting updates. A dark mode could probably finally see the light of day, and although information is limited, a quick look at Apple’s WWDC app could show us how it should work. There haven’t been big design changes ever since iOS 7, just further implying Apple will introduce dark mode this year. Siri is another iOS feature that needs an overhaul, and looking at rumors, Apple will introduce a Siri SDK, finally allowing third-party apps to interact with Siri, greatly expanding what Siri is capable of. This will push it to the next level, making it more convenient to use, and putting it right next to Google Now, which is already much more advanced than Apple’s solution.WWDC dark mode

Other changes to iOS should include a redesigned Music app, which will bring a more intuitive UI for Apple Music. If only Google would do the same for Play Music…

Since new iPhone 7 will feature two camera lenses on the back, it is logical for Apple to bring improvements to Photos. New ways of editing photos, touch-based brushes, and more.

WatchOS 3 will be introduced, but there aren’t any details about it. If we look what Google did, it is possible that Apple will introduce native apps for Apple Watch, making the watch more independent and, in general, more usable on its own.

Apple Pay should be available right from web browsers, easing up purchases, making them as simple as they can be. But, since payments must be verified through iPhone, it seems that Touch ID verification will stay part of Apple Pay, meaning that you’ll have the option to purchase stuff via Mac but you’ll have to verify them with iPhone.

The new version of OS X should bring Siri integration. It will be accessible via an icon in the menu bar, the dock, and even via keyboard shortcut. This seems like a real deal, especially because Apple will release a Siri SDK, making Siri much more advanced. And third-party interactions are more important on OS X than on iOS.

New OS X version should also feature a new, automatic unlock feature, allowing iPhone to unlock a mac when close to it. This should come in handy for many users.

One rumor even says that Apple is ready to release iMesage on Android. Although this sounds unlikely, giving the number of Android devices in the world, iMessage could become the biggest chat app in the world, surpassing even Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

WWDC macbook touch

There should be new hardware announcements, like the new MacBook Pro, or even MacBook Air. But these are unlikely to be announced.

OK, that was all. All we have to do now is wait for Monday and see which rumors will prove right, and will Apple show us something completely unexpected. Knowing them, something cool and unexpected could really be shown. Monday looks so far right now.

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