YouTube Started Testing Its Own In-App Messenger

Many of us shared at least one YouTube link, but the ways we did it vary greatly. You can share the video over Facebook, Twitter, SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype or any other messaging platform. But all those ways of sharing YouTube videos have one thing in common, the fact that we didn’t do it via YouTube. Yeah, you can actually leave a link of some video in the comments section on YouTube, but that’s not sharing in its pure form, sharing the content with our friends, family, or just people we met online. YouTube figured this out a while ago and was in the process of finding a way that’ll enable users to share a video without leaving the site, or the app if on a mobile device. And if they continue using YouTube messaging system to chat with their friends online, all the better.

Youtube Messages

Recently, that messaging system entered testing stage, and while only a portion of user base is able to use it during this phase, if they decide to send a video link or just any kind of message to one of their friends using the YouTube messaging feature, he/she also gains access to this feature. The new option is being tested both on iOS and Android, and soon we should all be able to chat via YouTube. Sounds interesting, right?

It gets more interesting when we look at the bigger picture. YouTube is currently trying to gain new and keep old users, and although its average mobile viewing session climbed up to 40 minutes and YouTube is currently larger and has more views than any U.S cable network; basically the site is more successful than ever, there are some potential problems on the horizon.


Facebook is pushing its video features more aggressive than ever, they want to gain new ground in the video streaming niche since they basically became kings of online messaging with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Instagram started as a photo sharing community, but recently they also began their push to make Instagram a video sharing community and don’t forget about Amazon Video Direct. Numerous streaming services becoming more successful, and if they not react, YouTube could slowly start to lose users to all these alternative services. So, they need a new killer feature. And the in-app messaging system could prove to be the right one. Online communication is slowly shifting to mobile messaging apps, instead through social networks. And if you already have an app that is used every day, more than one time per day, it is logical to try adding a messaging feature to it.

If user base accepts the new messaging feature, we could soon find ourselves not leaving YouTube, at all. Watching videos, sharing them, talking about them, and also talking about all other things via YouTube with our friends could really happen. We just need to wait a while and see just how much stronger can YouTube really become.

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