Zynga Releases Its Most Visually Stunning Game Yet


Zynga is one of those game companies that made its fortune through facebook and pioneering the arena of free to play casual games. The core ‘gamer’ in fact for the company is actually a non-gamer or one that has a few minutes to kill while waiting for the coffee, stuck in traffic or in a queue somewhere.

The company releases its games as free to play and hopes that enough players will pay for in-app purchases to make the game a financial success. It is a strategy that worked well for it in the beginning but unlike other companies like Supercell or Rovio, Zynga has not found success in any significant manner on mobile.

The release of its latest game shows that the company is serious about changing that as well as make a name for itself in genres where it previously did not venture. CSR Racing 2 is the follow-up to the hugely successful CSR-Racing and CSR Classics  both of which were downloaded close to an estimated $190 million and were making a combined $24 million dollars every month at the height of their popularity.

These are huge numbers and Zynga will be hoping that the latest in the series can match up to them. It is apparent on first look that Zynga has pulled out all the stops to make the game a visual treat. The cars are rendered in exquisite quality and detail, something missing until now in mobile car racing games.

The cars are also completely customizable allowing the players to explore their creations inside-out. The gaming experience though is strictly geared for casual gamers that do not want a steep or even a moderate learning curve.

The cars steer themselves and all the players are required to do is to shift the gears at the right time. There is also a nitrous boost that can be strategically deployed. The only kind of racing that can be done is drag racing although it can be a single player mode or a multiplayer one.

It is easy to see why this game would appeal to people, especially those that want a quick break from their routine work. It does not require too much effort while draws you in through customizations that help invest you in the game.

As with most Zynga games, the developers have tried to use every trick in the book to get the users to pay. Rare upgrade? Pay for it. Gas got over? Pay for it. Game Currency got over? Pay for it.

There are also ads that cannot be swiped away during the game.

We are personally not huge fans of such games but there is clearly a huge market for them out there. Zynga has at least made an effort to do something different this time around within the gambit of its operations and that I guess can be applauded.

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